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Infrastructure development into the climax of the developmen
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This year, with the strong support of the national fiscal policy, China's infrastructure construction into the construction period of high tide. Government infrastructure investment led to the development of a large number of downstream industries to scrap crushers as the representative of the mechanical crushing equipment to meet the current tide of social development, the future will maintain a sustained momentum of development.

Infrastructure construction has become one of the top priorities, and a lot of construction waste will be produced in the infrastructure construction process. At present, China's construction waste has accounted for 35% of the total municipal waste, according to 550 tons / million square meters of projections, by 2020 China will also increase the construction area of about 30 billion square meters, scrap crushing machinery in the construction waste The use of the process will play a significant role. The new 10-year plan for the development of the western region and the post-disaster reconstruction will lead to a large demand for scrap crushing machinery.

 China's infrastructure construction continued to heat up, highways, airports and other major infrastructure construction and rapid construction of high-speed rail to promote the development of the broken industry. According to the relevant policies of the state, during the second five years, China's gravel machinery industry output value, industrial added value, the main business income will maintain an annual growth rate of about 12%.

In summary, the scrap crusher in the past two years will face enormous opportunities and broad market space, crusher enterprises only have a strong competitive edge and comprehensive strength, can not miss this opportunity. Therefore, the crusher enterprises to practice hard work, when the opportunity to come firmly grasp.

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