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The development of scrap crushers is closely linked to the v
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The development of scrap crushers linked to many industries, the steel industry, mining, construction and so on, the development of scrap crusher history, after a long period of practice requires the emergence of a metal crusher, metal shredders, legislation Type crusher. Machinery industry in the eighties of last century is still in a period of low economic development at the time is in a relatively stable state, is catching up with the slow development of China's economy period, each industry has a cyclical development, machinery industry generally Is a period of ten years, followed by the order from the early stages of development to the peak of the peak period and so on, and gradually to the machinery industry downturn. This development cycle is always the same, but also can not change. Because each industry has its development cycle stage.

The development of the scrap crusher industry is closely related to the economic chain. China's economic construction has gradually developed from the steady state in the early 1980s to develop in a rapid manner, regardless of which industry, including railway construction, highway construction, and real estate development, mining, water industry and other industries in the rapid development , And the development of these industries formed an economic chain, for example, repair highway to use cement, stones, gravel, etc., which ushered in the rapid development of mining, gravel industry peak, and mine sand Stone production to use crushing equipment, so the mining equipment crushing machinery industry development gradually into the peak period. For example, more and more scrap metal, and the rise of the machinery industry and other building materials industry, China's steel resources shortage, which requires scrap crusher to deal with a variety of scrap metal after re-smelting, re-forging other steel Products, so as to ease the shortage of resources in China's situation, so that metal resources continue to continue, the development of the industry and promote the development of the steel industry to accelerate the above examples of the surface, the development of each industry are closely related with the industrial chain.


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